The rising population of our planet in combination with an increase in consumption per person is putting an enormous strain on global resources, which results in resource depletion, ecosystem deterioration and human health problems.

Many people agree with the arguments of sustainable development and environmental protection but there are serious gaps between what people believe and what people do. Yet, evidence indicates that consumers can reduce global impact by using greener products.

Parents and babies are very big consumers. Where there is a baby in a family, more than half of the household waste may be generated by nursing and baby products, but there is lots of potential for them to be environmentally-friendly consumers. Many products are available in greener versions, such as toiletries made from natural ingredients, organic baby food, clothes and bedding made from pesticide-free or organic products, and biodegradable products.

As a whole the textile industry has a poor track record for social and environmental concerns. But while there are serious environmental impacts associated with many fabrics there are some whose impact is much higher or much less. Our goal at Canny Way is to provide conscious consumers best alternatives at the best value for money. A major focus is our wonderful and luxurious bamboo fabrics which are gentle to both skin and the environment. All our wipes are manufactured in compliance with ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems). ISO14001 environmental management standards scrutinize efficiency of machines processes, efficient use of resources and waste management, operations that negatively affect the environment (cause adverse changes to air, water, or land). The manufacturing facilities are certified to both ISO14001 standards (Environmental Management Systems) and to ISO9001 (Quality Management Systems).